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Next Generation Campus Management System is a step towards taking the education to the next revolution after internet. It becomes inevitable for every institution to keep its repute high and make their, a flagship institution; this challenge can only be met with planned administration and by having the desired control over the activities happening in and around the campus.
There is no other way except to seek the help of Information Technology’s to keep their winning edge over their Educational business. Integral CE is one such tool to help you run your campus completely equipped with technology and growth. The comprehensive campus management system will help you to go live and create a platform for you as the management, the students, the instructors and the parents to communicate and express their thoughts.
IntegralCE, the advanced Campus Management System / Campus Automation software allows the academic institution to key in all sorts of data, store, retrieve and modify all those information related to the academia, through diverse modules rationally developed such as
  • Profile Management 

    Before we wire your campus literally, you need a brand, you need a name, you need a website and you need to be branded across various platforms.
    • Website creation
      • Integral CE will design, develop and build website for your educational institute. Your website will serves you as the business card as we can do a lot more things with a beautifully designed website than just having for the sake of it.
    • Maintenance and Updates of the site
      • Most of the academies do have a website, but miserably fail to update it on a regular basis. Integral CE will maintain your website and update it regularly.
    • Option to do Search Engine Optimization
      • Now with the website built, are you going to keep it idle when we can actually bring more leads and inquiries just with your website by search engine optimization.
  • Admission Management

    Educational Institutes always go on a high fever when it comes to the admissions time. We help you to manage your admissions systematically and hence, the head ache of data entry will be completely taken off from you with our easy to use admission management module.
    • Fee management
      • Our Integral CE Fee management module helps you to enter, maintain and update on the fees collected and to be paid. Once the students pays the fee, a receipt will automatically be generated and stored electronically.
      • Facility to have online payments of fee through payment gateways to accommodate parents' busy schedule.
    • Refunds, Concessions and other Deductions
      • This module helps you to assign refunds and deductions to a particular group of students based on your policies.
    • Assigning Fee structure for students on class basis
      • This lets you to assign fee structure for the particular class and student based on the management policies.
    • Previous and current receipts for fee paid
      • All the receipts generated automatically will be kept in store in the individual student's profile electronically and can be retrieved in future.
  • Students Management 

    Managing students will be the core function of any campus management system and Integral CE has taken special care in bringing all the possible functions you can imagine of a student management system.
    • Students allotment to classes
      • Students will smoothly be allotted to classes according to any criteria you fix, such as their previous exam's scores etc.
    • Students Monitoring
      • This module will let the teachers remember the students in trouble, needing that extra care and on every student.
    • Exam Management
      • Teachers can easily create exams online and let the students take the exam. They can also manage the examination calendar very effectively.
    • Attendance Management
      • Attendance management is another tiresome task for teachers when is done manually. Integral CE helps you to manage each and every students' attendance so effectively that this will no longer be a head ache.
    • Classroom Management
      • Lets you monitor each and every student on their everyday activities such as assignment submission and project update etc.
      • Timely reports to the students, their parents and to the management on every students' complete academic and extra curricular activities.
    • Discipline Management
      • This module lets you keep a close watch on every student in your class. You can communicate with the student in private and take them to corrective actions everything done online.
      • Lists all the disciplinary policies, rules and regulation of the institute.
      • Lists all the prohibited activities as listed by the management
      • Reports on punctuality and behaviors
      • Facility to send warning messages to students
    • Alert Management
      • This module lets you to send any alerts/emergency messages to students and their parents by both emails and text messages.
    • Campus Recruitment
      • Listing the students' details and the profiles eligible for campus recruitment.
      • List of companies' and details that have earlier participated and currently participating in the campus recruitment.
      • List of students recruited and their recruitment details.
      • All these information can be accessed online from anywhere.
  • Workforce Management

    This module helps you to manage the complete resources you have in the academy, that includes teaching and non-teaching staff members.
    • Workforce Assessment
      • Facility to assess and evaluate the performance of the resources
      • Assigning the required training processes to the consigned faculties
      • Feedback analysis from students and parents
    • Timetable Management
      • Attendance and punctuality management
      • Assigning resources to the tasks based on everyday requirements
  • Office Management

    This module will help you run the actual administration of your educational institute. This module is basically designed to help you manage the finance, payroll, inventory and files.
    • Payroll Management
      • Salary allotment and automatic pay roll management
      • Deductions based on basic pay and other allowances.
      • Calculating various taxes depending on their pay level
      • Automatic generation of pay slips and certificates
    • Front Office Management
      • Gate Pass/Visitor Pass generation
      • Maintaining Visitors' records
      • Getting feedback and queries from visitors and reporting them
      • Walk in enquiries and telephonic enquiries stored properly for proper follow ups
      • Message Leaving Services
    • Financial Accounting
      • Payments to other vendors and banks
      • Bank statements management
      • Balance Sheet and management accounts
      • Profit & Loss accounting
      • Financial year closing reports
    • Inventory Management
      • Inventory reports from every department on a monthly basis
      • Purchase and services handling and report generation
      • Forecasting the materials requirement and other quick access to inventory
      • Physical stock monitoring and reporting
    • File Management
      • Categorically managing the files from past data
      • Present files management
      • Files allotted to every student and staff member from the day of their admission to their day of exit.
      • All types of files of any format uploaded by the students, teachers are all categorized and organized.
    • Transportation Management
      • Transportation planning and route allotment
      • Fixing fares and collecting the same
      • List of students and other staff members utilizing the transportation facility and the details
      • Vendor details of transportation service and other legal documents
  • Facility Management 

    This module takes care of all the available facilities or infrastructures present in your campus. The facilities though do not play a crucial role in an academy, yet they help for the smooth functioning of your campus as they serve the basic needs of a student.
    • Hostel Management
      • Hostel rooms allotment to students
      • Check in process of a student at the time of admission
      • Hostel fee collection
      • Daily attendance and exit/entry timings management
      • Sending alerts and reports to parents on a regular basis.
    • Cafeteria Management
      • Inventory of provisions and forecasting requirements
      • Daily menus and other routines followed
      • Detailing of health and nutritious efforts taken for the healthy preparation of the menu items.
      • Placing orders in advance and facility to do online payment.
      • RFID cards compatible
      • Report generation on every day sales
  • Event Management
    • Creating and managing event calendar for the year
    • Print design templates for brochures and event invitations
    • Sending e-alerts to students and parents on the upcoming events
    • Event programming and planning
  • Library Management
    • Library books listing and inventory management based on category.
    • Library cards and membership management
    • Online access to the library to find out the availability of the book.
    • Book allotments to the students based on their earlier enquiry.
    • Fee/fine collection
    • Alerts to students and faculties on new additions and changes done to the library and its policies.
Each module has sub modules within them covering the entire gamut of campus activities. Modules are integrated with required information of the student and the staff and the administration.
Why Integral CE?
  • IntegralCE is highly secured and scalable web based campus management system. Works on both Intranet and Internet. The System is protected, accessed through individual login Admin / Parents / Students / Teachers.
  • It is a matured Academic Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP Software exclusively for Colleges and Universities.
  • An end to end, Futuristic, Comprehensive and extensible Campus Management Solution.
  • IntegralCE is based out of collection of international procedural standards and guidelines.
  • Easy to use, user-friendly interfaces for easy navigation.
  • Reduces the manpower, cost and time benefiting the administrators, office bearers, teachers and the students to maximize their efficiency.
  • Has inbuilt database back up facility, Secured and reliable.
  • Single database management system, accessible from variable locations,
  • multiple institutional or multiple College management system.
  • It is mulch-user, multiple session and fit into varied campus curriculum applications.
  • Time based Student / staff performance Tracking.
  • Has 30 modules and 200+ reports
  • Student Fee accounts management.
  • Helps to manage financial accounting at a click of button.
  • Customize on your own different types of reports to help management for better administration
  • Full fledged Library Management system with option for RFID.
  • Options for Access Control Modules using smart cards
  • Staffing and Scheduling Module.
  • On line Examination Module.
  • Transport management module.
  • Better Organized Hostel Management
  • Human Resource and Payroll Management.
  • Accounts and Inventory Management.
  • Option to Integrate E-Learning Portal and Content Management Modules
  • Options for Campus Security management by implementing CCTV, DVR and Infrared Sensor based zone management system.
  • Ultimately maintains efficient management through systematic functioning
  • Expert engineers for implementation, training and after sales support.
Need for a CMS
Why do you need a Campus Management System?
  1. Empower yourself with better efficiency, controlled academic and administrative management to achieve unmatched performances with readily available information through Integral CE.
  2. Get most accurate information happening in your campus any where any time at a single click.
  3. High degrees of data security standards thereby your sensitive and valuable information are secured and protected.
  4. Integral CE College Automation Software, tailor made to your aspirations and operational requirements.
  5. Comprehend your management, teachers, students and parents to everyday work flow to ease and confidence having information for them online even after campus.
  6. Better co-ordination and communication among Students / Teachers / Parents / Administrators.
  7. Stake holders conveniences are extended beyond campus.
  8. Extensible and streamlined work flow of administration and academia.
  9. Minimum human efforts, optimal and accurate reports.
  10. User / Group level access rights to the system, users having required rights only can access their select information.
  11. Information stored, helps to take Knowledge based Management of your Institution.
  12. Promotes your Institution online as a powerful branding amongst Public, Students, Educators etc.
  13. Rich web interface.
  14. Unmatched quality of service and post sales support.
  15. Minimize hand written work from admission to alumni formation; academic to non-academic.
  16. It helps you to minimize your repeated works and take care of the complete functionality of your school.
  17. It is a huge time saver and really facilitates proper communication among the management, staff and the parents
  18. Better flow of information on the web for Students, Parents, Teachers and the Management.
  • Single point access of all campus related information from anywhere in the campus and across the world.
  • Integration of smart ID cards & bar coding technology let students experience a more hassle free academic environment.
  • Total Cost-Control (expenditure and income)
  • All departments are linked through the central database.
  • Inter-departmental paper based transactions become a thing of the past.
  • Parents have access to all academic information about their wards through the internet.

Students get a new platform not only to gain but also to express the knowledge base inside them. The simplified and effective way to of joint efforts of learning will give them a great ground to run in up to the limits of their will power. Tools like articles and online exams do provide them a new deal of learning and perfection
  • Real life exposure for better learning.
  • Publish articles to share experience, knowledge and views.
  • Manage school online news magazine.
  • Manage Image gallery
  • Participate in forums for career and other important issues.
  • User fully functional e-mail on school web site with complete POP access.
  • Work in online projects with other students irrespective of the physical location and time constraints.
  • Get connected with alumni to gain from their vast and varied experiences.
  • Take online exams.
  • Manage your home pages.
  • Use and contribute to the digital library.
  • Interact with other students. Teachers and parents and experts of schools.
Realizing that a student teacher relationship is the most important relationship in education, e-Campus Suite tries to give them a new media of interaction. This new media leaves behind the limitation of time management and set curriculum. Irrespective of the course curriculum teachers have e-Campus Suite to share there best with their students using articles, online exams and forums.
  • Complete attendance automation.
  • Complete marks / grade management system.
  • Publish online exams.
  • Organize forums and projects online.
  • Interact with parents efficiently and effectively.
  • Manage online assignment.
  • Manage class information and analytical reports.
  • E-mail & Internal messaging system.
  • Lesson Planner

In today's busy scene where often both the parents are either working or living far away from the institution, personal visits to the institution is really not an easy task. The reporting system in e-Campus Suite enables them to have a closer look to their wards performance and will provide a fact based approach to their wards life. And all this from their home or offices. Besides this e-news, polling and forums brings them closer to the institution.
  • Know latest about your ward in terms of academics, attendance, fees and even the web site activities online and personalized.
  • Get connected to the school effectively and easily.
  • Get updated with latest in school with the help of E-news, Image Gallery, newsletters and other facilities.
  • Share your knowledge and views with other parents and school with various features like Article and Forums.

With the help of the Integral CE, the management has a systematic and easy approach towards maintaining and updating the different aspects of the website. All the management aspects of the institution like the admission process, message broadcasting, notice boards, e-zines publishing are taken into account which not only saves resources but also provides efficiency in working.
  • Single Point School Management Software.
  • Zero redundancy in managing the entire institutions records.
  • Complete online and offline functionality leaving nothing unturned to bring it as an effective management system.
  • Achieve global outlook and exposure for the institute and its constituents.
  • Save man hrs and money in lots of communication aspects.
  • Save man hrs in managing information with automation.
  • Get connected to parents and alumni in an effective manner.
  • Single software handing everything saves a lots of investment in different software and management issues.
  • Things like HTML enhanced e-mail system on institutes web site act as an effective brand building tool.

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